Weston Teruya


random shots from the studio.


* Thanks to the amazing Yuken Teruya for giving a nod to my work in a recent tweet. I've admired his cut paper work for years but was also excited to learn about his projects utilizing traditional Bingata techniques to delve into Okinawan history. (Special thanks to Hank Willis-Thomas for making the connection.)


* I was quite excited to see that this piece is installed next to the comic book and manga section at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center:


* new site design *


* Here are a couple of quick photos from Sunday's Passport event. These were taken early on before folks started making their rounds to collect artists' stamps:


* Even more snippets from Montalvo:

Not sure what to call this one:

think this will be called:
the gracious city at its neighbor's edge
spraypaint and drawing media on paper sculpture
168" x 96" x 92"

The latest incarnation of this piece:


* Special thanks to the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery for bringing me into Passport 2010. It was a great day of stamping and meeting many of the Bay's art lovers.

* I was also lucky enough to be stationed in the swanky new Hayes Valley location of the Fatted Calf Charcuterie. Many Passport-goers commented on being surrounded by the tempting smells in the store. Thank you to the staff who were very welcoming and generous hosts.


* More snippets from Montalvo:


* Some peeks at developments here in the studio during my residency at the Montalvo Arts Center:


* International woman of mystery and ultra-skilled artist buddy Jenifer has a site focused on her illustration and design work. Need a book cover? Wedding invitation? Portrait? Hire her. She does amazing drawings.


* I've been enjoying exploring a more sculptural dimension to my work. It's been a fairly natural transition given the rationale behind the collage in my drawings. The two newest paper sculptures are currently on view in Assembled at Patricia Sweetow Gallery.

* Sita Bhaumik was kind enough to write a piece and include a multi-page photo spread about my work in the latest issue of Hyphen.

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